Video stills from Part II: Other Sisters. Puppetry by Luis Tentindo, performed by Laurel Jenkins, cinematography by Charles Tentindo, directed by Elise Kermani.

Iphigenia 2.0 is an ongoing hybrid performance project directed by Elise Kermani that includes the collaboration of artists from many genres including literature, puppetry, theater, dance, visual art/video design and music. It is inspired by the 1977 film Iphigenia by Michael Cacoyannis (who died in 2011), by the 400 BCE play Iphigenia among the Taurians by Euripides, and by the stories and memoirs of contemporary women who have survived captivity.

The Iphigenia Project probes questions of imperial authority over individual self-determination.

The project currently has three parts: I. Iphigenia in Tehran, II. Other Sisters, and III. In Exile.

For more information about The Iphigenia Project contact MiShinnah Productions at: info-at-mishinnah-dot-org.